The Optional Choice

    Applicants to Lycoming are evaluated on the basis of their academic preparation, talents, and interests, as well as the College’s capacity to help them achieve their educational objectives and career goals. Recognizing that standardized test scores may not be the best indication of the qualities we value in our students, Lycoming offers the Optional Choice.

    In lieu of SAT or ACT scores, students may submit two graded writing samples with teacher grades and comments. Writing samples should be at least two pages in length and analytical, not creative in nature (no poems, short stories, etc.). Students choosing the Optional Choice will be given full consideration for all types of financial aid offered by the College, including academic scholarships, talent scholarships and grants. Optional Choice candidates will be evaluated based on the rigor of the high school curriculum, GPA, class rank (if available), letters of recommendation, and extracurricular and community activities. An on-campus interview is highly recommended. Interested applicants should complete the information below.
    Mailing Address

    *If your graded paper submissions are on Google Classroom or similar educational platform, please download those files (with teacher comments and final grade) and send as PDF or Jpeg via the file upload boxes above.